Motorway Driving Lessons

Build your confidence with motorway driving lessons

Many learner drivers shudder at the thought of going on the motorway. A recent AA poll of more than 20,000 motorists suggests that as many as 8% of licence holders avoided motorways for at least six months after passing their test.

Our driving instructors teach you to feel confident on any road, motorway or in any situation, so no need to avoid those scary motorways. We also provide motorway lessons for individuals who have already passed their test but still aren't confident driving on the motorway.

Whether you’re new to driving or have plenty of experience under your belt, motorway travel can be daunting, so click on Motorway tips to find out how to best prepare yourself for your motorway journey.

If you feel that you would benefit from motorway lessons then contact us here. 

motorway driving informative infographic